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Kim & Kanye Have Picked A Baby Name

It’s been quiet on the Kardashian homefront ever since Kim gave birth on Saturday, and now the streets are buzzing with reports that Kim and Kanye have settled on a name for their baby girl! OK! Magazine claims that little Kimye’s rumored name is Kaidence Donda West.

It seems like there could be some truth to it since we already figured it would be a “K” name, plus Donda is ‘Ye’s late mom’s name and that would be a precious way to pay tribute to her memory. Also, “cadence” is a musical reference that means:

a: a rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language. b : the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion or activity. 2. a : a falling inflection of the voice.

An insider told In Touch Weekly a few days ago that Kanye wanted to name her ‘North’ but the Kardashians weren’t having it.

“North is at the top of the list of names. They’re not totally sure about it. Kanye loves it, Kim is okay with it. The family doesn’t like it [the name]. They’re going to decide by today [Tuesday].”

Kaidence for the win! That’s such a cute name.

Sources also say that the baby is in an incubator as a precaution since it arrived one month early, and Kanye hasn’t left the hospital since the baby was born.

We can’t wait to see pics! That baby will be stuntin’ in her blinged out stroller with a Jesus piece hanging inside by the time she turns two.


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